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Creating Winning Teams

Last weekend, I accompanied my son and his marching band to Indianapolis for the Bands of America Grand Nationals. I’m no stranger to marching band (having been involved in high school), but at BOA, I saw some amazing stuff. I saw … Continue reading

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Efficiency doesn’t make you a leader

I was recently reminded (rather uncomfortably) about the difference between working for a manager and working for a leader.  When you step into a position where you will be responsible for people and the work that they accomplish, you need … Continue reading

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Are poor communications sinking your team?

We all know that strong communications is important to effective team work. If you read through the description for any leadership position, I can almost guarantee it will include “strong written and oral communication skills.” And yet, poor communication is one … Continue reading

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Volunteering vs. VolunTELLING

I recently contributed to an article about the new role of volunteering in the workplace. Offering volunteer opportunities (or corporate social responsibility, CSR) is fast becoming a positive differentiator in recruitment and retention. On the surface, this looks like a win-win-win: companies … Continue reading

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How awesome is your company?

One of my favorite jobs (and the one I get asked about most in interviews) was my role as the leader of the Awesomeness Team. The purpose of this team was to develop a sense of connection between employees, which made working … Continue reading

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Millennials are AWESOME (and if you don’t think so, you aren’t using them correctly)

Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it. (George Orwell) I’m happy to see that there has been a rash of articles recently defending Millennials.  … Continue reading

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Why can’t I get a volunteer?

One of the greatest challenges for any leader is getting volunteers. Whether it is getting someone to pick up extra work on a project or finding people to set up for a fundraising event, the success of the project relies on … Continue reading

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Leadership: How good was your first time?

For many of us, our first foray into team leadership comes on a small project team or perhaps a volunteer committee. When this experience goes well, we seek additional, growing levels of leadership, which usually correspond to greater personal or professional success. But what about when that first leadership foray goes wrong? Continue reading

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Why do so many young leaders get it wrong?

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to coach a lot of emerging leaders. During those interactions, I have worked with my clients on foundational concepts (what do they want to accomplish, how do they want to be perceived, … Continue reading

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Real Business Article Summaries for People Who Don’t Have Time to Read

How often does a promising article come through your inbox and you think: “I’m going to save that because I should totally read it.” But then life really happens and eventually you delete the email because it’s just a reminder … Continue reading

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