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How awesome is your company?

One of my favorite jobs (and the one I get asked about most in interviews) was my role as the leader of the Awesomeness Team. The purpose of this team was to develop a sense of connection between employees, which made working … Continue reading

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Forest, meet trees: 5 ways to maintain your confidence despite setbacks

Even though we don’t always admit it, we all have big dreams. I’m privileged to work with people who have the courage to chase some of those dreams. As I ride shot-gun through their journey, I can’t help but notice that it … Continue reading

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Directing your career: 6 things you need to know about yourself

If you are not defining what you want to do next then, when things get bad, there is a temptation to take whatever presents itself (the default). This might result in something better; more often than not, it results in a different kind of bad. Quite simply: if you do not define a goal to run TOWARD, then you are just running AWAY … blindly. Continue reading

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Mapping your career journey

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” (Tom Landry) My childhood was full of car trips.  We were a family of five on a … Continue reading

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Coach?! Who has time for a coach?

Oh my. It’s true.  We throw all of our time and energy into the things in front of us.  We are busy, busy, busy, which makes us stressed, stressed, stressed. Why are we this busy?  And how healthy is all … Continue reading

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10. Hold Marketing Accountable to Real Goals (Not Just Numbers)

If you’ve been following along, at this point you should: Understand what you do and why you do it Know who should do your marketing work Know what strategies are right for your business Be committed to executing on those … Continue reading

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