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3 ways the quarantine can make you a Stronger Leader

It’s undeniable – the Coronavirus quarantine has made an indelible mark on our working culture. However, as some have pointed out: while all of this has been chaotic and stressful, it has also given us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the way we live and work. Continue reading

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Efficiency doesn’t make you a leader

I was recently reminded (rather uncomfortably) about the difference between working for a manager and working for a leader.  When you step into a position where you will be responsible for people and the work that they accomplish, you need … Continue reading

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How awesome is your company?

One of my favorite jobs (and the one I get asked about most in interviews) was my role as the leader of the Awesomeness Team. The purpose of this team was to develop a sense of connection between employees, which made working … Continue reading

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Accountable Teams: The Myth, The Legend

Even though teams are the key to taking our businesses further, they are also one of the things managers (at all levels) complain about the most. Specifically, managers complain about the difficulty of creating accountable teams. Continue reading

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Hiring “Cultural Fits” Could Kill Your Company

Over the past several years, there has been a growing trend around hiring for “cultural fit.” In the past year, however, evidence is growing that this trend is warping into something detrimental to a growing company. The crux of the … Continue reading

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