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5 Ways to be a better team member

There are a lot of articles out there talking about how to be a good team leader. For certain, the success of a team can depend heavily on the attitude and actions of its leader. But it is not fair to … Continue reading

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How awesome is your company?

One of my favorite jobs (and the one I get asked about most in interviews) was my role as the leader of the Awesomeness Team. The purpose of this team was to develop a sense of connection between employees, which made working … Continue reading

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What’s hiding on YOUR to-do list?

Somewhere, every one of us has a “one of these days” projects list.  It could include home projects, hobbies, education goals, or any number of other tasks that we believe we want to accomplish when we have the time and … Continue reading

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Firing your weakest link won’t help your team

    “Take a moment now to reflect on the performance of each team member. Think of the lowest-performing team member. By default, that person’s level of performance sets the standard for acceptable performance on your team–it’s the performance level … Continue reading

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Accountable Teams: The Myth, The Legend

Even though teams are the key to taking our businesses further, they are also one of the things managers (at all levels) complain about the most. Specifically, managers complain about the difficulty of creating accountable teams. Continue reading

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Your marketing problems may not be marketing problems

I started this blog with a simple concept: Marketing is not the same for small businesses as it is for large. To support this discussion, I presented my top 10 list of small business marketing pitfalls: Misunderstanding the difference between … Continue reading

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10. Hold Marketing Accountable to Real Goals (Not Just Numbers)

If you’ve been following along, at this point you should: Understand what you do and why you do it Know who should do your marketing work Know what strategies are right for your business Be committed to executing on those … Continue reading

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