Tackle Transformations with Less Stress

BUtterfly“To become a butterfly, a caterpillar first digests itself.”
(Scientific American1

Whether it is expanding into new territory or changing “the way things have always been done,” transforming yourself or your organization can be messy and painful.

A strong leader also knows it is necessary to remain competitive.

The process of tackling tough changes can be fraught with uncertainty and stress, but it contains the best potential to not only survive, but thrive beautifully.  Caterpillars don’t stress about metamorphosis because they instinctively know they are headed for something better.  Isn’t that the way it should be?

Mariposa Teams coaches executives and teams who want to dig into the messy stuff and make change happen without getting caught up in uncertainty and stress.

How can we help you transform?

1 My husband thinks this is gross. I think it’s cool.

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