Stronger Teams Program™

Our goal is to develop strong teams. Our Stronger Teams Program™ is designed to identify and address the obstacles that keep your team from performing.

Step 1: Identify Your Obstacles

We begin by conducting an interactive, 22-point evaluation across 6 aspects of team performance.  Team members will be asked to provide candid feedback about areas of team operations, which will provide insight into interpersonal, educational or foundational obstacles that may be holding the team back.

Following this evaluation, we will provide you with an analysis of the issues and recommended areas of development for your team and its members through your own custom Stronger Teams Plan.

Step 2: The Stronger Teams Plan — Roadmap to Success

Your team is unique.  Based on the mix of team members — their personalities, experience and expertise — developing your team will require a unique plan, which could include training, facilitation or coaching components.  Using the results of our Obstacles Assessment, we can show you which services will help your team the most, and even which ones will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Step 3: Steer the Course

Once you have the roadmap and you’ve plotted your course, it’s time to make it happen.  Mariposa Teams can provide services to support your journey:

  • Training Programs: 
    Interactive programs designed to give your team the skills they are missing. (For an idea of what we offer, check out our Team Strength Training programs.)
  • Facilitation Services:
    For teams who only need some practice in key operational areas (effective meetings, conflict resolution, etc.), we can teach on-the-job.
  • Coaching:
    One-on-one development of key individuals on the team — developing stronger teams through stronger leaders.

Step 4: Celebrate Your Success

Building, developing and maintaining strong teams is hard work, and you and your team deserve to celebrate the accomplishment.  We look forward to celebrating with you!