Team Strength Training

dreamstime_m_60513554_PURPLELooking to strengthen your team? (Maybe you took our quiz on stronger teams …)

We offer three strength training programs to help your team build their collaborative muscle at any level.

Team-Basic Team Basic Training

Laying the right foundation for your team will ensure better performance. New teams (and new team leaders) sometimes need help. This session is designed to both teach the principles of team success AND put the team’s foundations in place. Included are:

  • Kicking off a team (goals, norms, roles and incentives)
  • Building trust in the team
  • Running effective and meaningful meetings

Team-Next-Level  Taking it to the Next Level

When the success of the team is dependent on a single individual or an ideal set of circumstances, the team’s performance will peak and dip as real life intrudes. This session covers concepts and processes for handling and even planning for adversity:

  • Group problem solving – discussion for consensus
  • Accountability inside and outside the team
  • Delegation, redundancy and succession

Team-Polish  Team Polishing

Great teams remain great by constantly developing themselves and their members. Strong team members move on to become strong team leaders who in turn build more strong team members. Advanced skills to help your evolving team members include:

  • Troubleshooting team troubles
  • Celebrating as a part of team life
  • Integrating team and individual goals