What are strong teams?

dreamstime_xs_36516508Strong teams are resilient, accountable and effective.  They:

  • Understand the importance of their goals
  • Have effective meetings
  • Challenge their own progress
  • Keep going in the face of adversity
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Reach their goals

Do you have a strong team?
Take our Quiz!

Score one point for each “Yes” answer:

  1. When asked, all team members can describe the (same) team goal.
  2. Team meetings are efficient, and all discussion in them includes coming to consensus.
  3. All team members contribute to discussion (without shouting or sarcasm).
  4. Discussion includes ways to improve the performance of the team without laying blame on individuals.
  5. Decisions are made by the team (and not just the team leader).
  6. When the team hits an obstacle, their response is to discuss, disect and disposition it as a group.
  7. Team members understand and support each other’s individual goals.
  8. The team communicates regularly with outside stakeholders (including the project sponsor).
  9. Issues that may impact achieving their goal(s) are communicated along with proposed solutions.
  10. The team ultimately acheives their goal(s).

How did your team score?

7-10: Your team is doing great! Polish their skills so they can continue to succeed.
4-6: Your team’s performance is hit-or-miss. The team needs next-level skills that will make them more resilient and consistent in their performance.
1-3: The team is struggling as a group of individuals. Help them with basic training to get them rowing in the same direction.

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