The Synthesizing Executive

For the executive who makes the future happen

The synthesizing leader brings a steadying hand to work, effectively identifying and dispatching problems as they arise.  As a synthesizing leader, you harmoniously integrate people, processes and strategy, but the constant effort to tame the chaos can lead to personal frustration.

This program is for the executive who wants:

  • Better tools to manage, but not destroy, the creative chaos in your organization
  • Increased personal and organizational growth
  • Greater organizational clarity
  • More accountability throughout the organization
  • Less stress and increased happiness

Working with me, you will develop strategies to:

  • Create and communicate clarity throughout the organization
  • Establish a “productivity cadence” that keeps your team moving forward
  • Harness, but not destroy, the creative chaos in your organization
  • Identify new skills and competencies to increase your leadership influence
  • Hone your problem-solving skills to meet the new challenges of your business
  • Find the time and energy for the things that really matter to you

Why work with me?

  • As a leader, you often make decisions without other perspectives. As your coach, I provide unbiased, honest feedback to help you think critically about the most effective path forward.
  • Working with me through a personalized development program is more time and cost effective than general conferences or cookie-cutter workshop programs.
  • While I bring my own experience to the table, my goal is to help you find your own personal approach to achieving your full potential.

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