The Purposeful Executive

The Purposeful Executive program is designed for seasoned executives seeking new ways to apply their experience and natural talents to take their business game to the next level.

Before you can move forward, you need to understand your starting point:
What do you do well? What drives you? And what grinds on you?

Begin by asking yourself: what kind of executive am I?

Visionary Executive

Synthesizing Executive

  • I love creatively solving big problems.
  • I am highly optimistic.
  • I am naturally focused on things outside the business (competitors, markets, etc.)
  • I sometimes have trouble explaining my ideas to others.
  • I have no patience for the daily grind of the business.
  • I quickly find and address bottlenecks and issues.
  • I am analytical and frequently accused of being a pessimist.
  • I like to focus on internal functions, accountability and continuous improvement.
  • I am good at translating vision into reality.
  • I love managing people.