The Influential Manager

Coaching for the Aspiring Executive

The Influential Manager is a program that helps high-potential managers develop into stronger executive candidates while getting the most out of their careers.

This program is for the high-potential manager who wants:

  • Increased growth and responsibility
  • Greater influence with leadership
  • More funding for internal projects
  • Higher earnings potential
  • Less stress and increased happiness
  • The ability to clearly communicate skills and value in pursuit of new opportunities

Working with me, you will increase your skills in:

  • Managing up and managing laterally
  • Setting goals and developing strategy and tactics to achieve them
  • Untangling complex problems into solvable chunks
  • “Selling” a vision and approach to others
  • Describing issues from both tactical and strategic perspectives
  • Communicating effectively with senior leadership
  • Dealing with difficult people and resolving conflicts
  • Negotiating to achieve your goals
  • Articulating your abilities and value to others
  • Negotiating balance in your life

Why work with me?

  • As a growing leader, you need a confidante who understands your business but isn’t part of it. As your coach, I can provide that outside perspective and focus entirely on helping you achieve your goals, all with complete confidentiality.
  • We work on the things that matter most to you. Working with me through a personalized development program is more time and cost effective than general conferences or cookie-cutter workshop programs.
  • While I bring my own experience to the table, my goal is to help you find your own personal approach to achieving your full potential.

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