Finding Work/Life Balance

Rediscovering enjoyment

What do you get?

The phrase “work/life balance” is thrown around quite a bit, but what does it really mean?

My goal is to help you find:

  • Time for family and activities that energize you
  • Lower stress that prevents burnout
  • Stronger presence that brings greater fulfillment in all aspects of your life
  • A happier and more satisfied you

How do we get there?

I believe in three truths about work/life balance:

  • Work and life are not separate things.
  • Life supports work, not the other way around.
  • “Finding” a balance is really a continuous journey — as our lives shift, we must be prepared to do the same.

Our approach will include:

  • Identifying and clarifying your core values and where they are
    currently present or absent in your life.
  • Establishing priorities and boundaries that are in alignment with your values and goals.
  • Establishing mechanisms to recognize rising stress, take control of it, and adjust to get back in balance.

Why work with me?

  • With broad experience in industry, I know and understand the work responsibilities and pressures that war with the rest of your life and leave you drained and frustrated.
  • As a professional, mother of two busy kids, and an active volunter, I practice boundary-setting and seek balance every day.
  • Graduate of the Penn Program for Mindfulness

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