Becoming a stronger leader

Developing executive presence and leadership skills

What do you get?


The executives you know weren’t born, they developed. My goal is to help you find:

  • Confidence in your personal strengths
  • A sense you deserve a seat at the executive table
  • Confidence in your capability to lead
  • A vision of your unique path to executive leadership

How do we get there?

There are three concepts you need to accept to plot your career journey:

  • Communication and leadership styles are not set in stone
  • Your experience and knowledge makes you uniquely valuable
  • Succeeding in leadership is as much about communicating your competence as demonstrating it

Our approach will include:

  • Identifying your communication and leadership styles and how they influence your relationships
  • Developing strategies for leading from your strengths
  • Identifying ways to build a stronger image and presencewith leadership
  • Exercises to expand your styles and give you a broader set of leadership tools

Why work with me?

  • 15+ years as a trusted advisor to executive and director-level clients
  • 20+ years in leadership of professional, volunteer, cross-functional and distributed teams.
  • In my spare time, I coach national volunteers in team building, conflict resolution and other leadership skills so they can lead at their very best.

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