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5 Ways to Make Work-from-home Work

This is not an article about how to arrange your home office or set up a VOIP to make client calls. This is about preventing your employer from revoking your ability to work from home. Continue reading

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A Better New Year

Each January, with the clean slate of a new year ahead of us, we resolve to make a change or two in our lives. You know what I’m talking about — the infamous New Year’s resolution. While I am sure there are … Continue reading

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Efficiency doesn’t make you a leader

I was recently reminded (rather uncomfortably) about the difference between working for a manager and working for a leader.  When you step into a position where you will be responsible for people and the work that they accomplish, you need … Continue reading

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Are poor communications sinking your team?

We all know that strong communications is important to effective team work. If you read through the description for any leadership position, I can almost guarantee it will include “strong written and oral communication skills.” And yet, poor communication is one … Continue reading

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How awesome is your company?

One of my favorite jobs (and the one I get asked about most in interviews) was my role as the leader of the Awesomeness Team. The purpose of this team was to develop a sense of connection between employees, which made working … Continue reading

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Forest, meet trees: 5 ways to maintain your confidence despite setbacks

Even though we don’t always admit it, we all have big dreams. I’m privileged to work with people who have the courage to chase some of those dreams. As I ride shot-gun through their journey, I can’t help but notice that it … Continue reading

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To move forward: Get out of your head

Change is a scary thing. Making big changes can be absolutely terrifying. Whether you are starting your own business, leaving an old job or just networking with new people, making these changes requires you to take risks. Continue reading

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What’s hiding on YOUR to-do list?

Somewhere, every one of us has a “one of these days” projects list.  It could include home projects, hobbies, education goals, or any number of other tasks that we believe we want to accomplish when we have the time and … Continue reading

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