Oh, the places you will go (when working on strategy)

pexels-photo-269448.jpeg(Go here for a copy of the final report.)

It started with my sales plan.

I had comfortably identified my ideal clients (women in technology — like me), and I was working on new services that would help them most.  I had my own thoughts on the topic based on my experience, but almost immediately I had questions.  I’m a generation-x woman who developed as a consultant in a variety of industries.  How would the needs of a woman be different if she:

  • Is a baby boomer?
  • Is a millennial?
  • Has worked in only one industry?
  • Has worked in only one company?
  • Works as a scientist (chemistry, biology, etc.)?
  • Works in a manufacturing facility? An office? A lab?

(Oh, how I sometimes hate my analytical mind.)

So to get some answers, I decided to do a survey.  After all, I had many technical and scientific women in my connections (and they have many connections of their own), so why not ask them?

That was 20 days, two surveys and 55 responses ago.  My survey is still open, and I’m trying to be patient and not look at the data (and jump to conclusions) too soon; but since SurveyMonkey has this neat Text Analysis option (think word cloud), I thought I would just take a *tiny* peek.  Here is what I saw:

Where will this data take me?  I’m not sure yet, but I know I will end up with sales and delivery strategies that will work best for my potential clients.  I think that is worth the waiting.

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