How strong is your work game?

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Perhaps it’s the olympic spirit taking hold of me, but I’ve been thinking about competition a lot lately.   We all know that active job hunters are competing for jobs, but did you realize that career employees need to compete for their jobs, too?

The current corporate climate has made it clear that there are no stable jobs anymore — anyone can find themselves fighting to keep their job, sometimes even interviewing against their former direct reports.  To compete, you need to bring your A-game; or should I say “your P-game,” because I believe the key to being competitive in today’s job market is PASSION.

Millennials Have Changed the Game

There was a time when a job was a job and, as long as you weren’t incompetent, you could keep doing your job until you retired and collected your pension.  Not anymore.

The Millennials are now dominating the marketplace, and one of their noted characteristics is their desire to do what they love.  So much so that they take unpaid internships and do volunteer work; they start micro-businesses on the side; and they are willing to work for less pay.  They chase work they are PASSIONATE about.

If you were an employer, would you choose the person who sorta likes what she does from 8am to 5pm, or the one who loves what she does so much that she continues doing it after hours for herself or a non-profit?

This is your competition.

What about experience?

I’m going to leave it to Sir Richard Branson to explain this one:

“You can learn expertise and gain experience, but attitude is inherent.”

Yup, he’s talking about PASSION.

What if I’m not passionate about what I do?

The uncertainty of changing careers can be scary.  Losing your job and not being able to compete for another one is even scarier.

You need to find what you ARE passionate about.

You need to join the game where you can compete and win.

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