Coach?! Who has time for a coach?

dreamstime_xs_41571312Oh my.

It’s true.  We throw all of our time and energy into the things in front of us.  We are busy, busy, busy, which makes us stressed, stressed, stressed.

Why are we this busy?  And how healthy is all this stress?  When was the last time we took 30 minutes to think about how happy we are with our lives and how to make changes that lead to greater satisfaction?

Just 30 minutes. It’s the time it takes to watch one sit-com, have a pizza delivered or make one of Rachel Ray’s dinners.  It’s also all the time it takes to have a productive session with a coach — a session that can result in clarity of goals, actions to move you forward and even a sense that you are getting ahead of your stress.

“CoachConnect … in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, have completed a research project showing that coaching reduces stress an average of 18% after a short three-month period. Some of the participants experienced a reduction as high as 47%!” (Ramsoy, Kjeldsen: ICF)

Just 30 minutes to move you toward lower stress and greater satisfaction.  How hard would it be to arrange that?

You know, once you put your hair out …

For more about how coaching reduces stress, see this great article on Your Coaching Brain.

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