Real Business Article Summaries for People Who Don’t Have Time to Read

How often does a promising article come through your inbox and you think:

“I’m going to save that because I should totally read it.”

But then life really happens and eventually you delete the email because it’s just a reminder of your failure to actually get to the things you should?

Yeah, me too.

I once joked on my Facebook page that I could save all my friends time by offering real summaries of those articles (not the abstracts with spin) so they can decide if it’s worth keeping or not.  The idea seemed to pique some interest; and since it’s raining and dreary out and I have some time on my hands, I decided it was time to catch us all up on our business article reading.

You’all are welcome.

Delighting in the Possible (McKinsey, March 2015)
If you want to be a successful leader in today’s rapidly changing world, you need to go back to what you learned in elementary school: don’t jump to conclusions, listen to what other’s have to say, and be willing to compromise.

Decoding Leadership: What really matters (McKinsey, January 2015)
Statistically, four kinds of behavior account for 89 percent of leadership effectiveness (skip to the table).

Ascending to the C-Suite (McKinsey, April 2015)
It’s hard to rule the playground when you’re the new kid at school unless you find the right friends/reports.

How Google Breaks Through (McKinsey, February 2015)
Use data to market things to real people, and marketing totally deserves to sit at the grown-up table with those programming geniuses.

Digital Hives: Creating a surge around change (McKinsey, April 2015)
If you want people involved in your change, you should involve them in the decision to make the change — I think we used to call that “buy-in.” (Caution: marketing change to your employees requires 7 new P’s.)

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