If someone says they know everything about marketing … RUN!

© Robert F. Balazik | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Robert F. Balazik | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I attended a local meet-up for the Philadelphia chapter of the American Marketing Association.  We had folks from all levels of experience in all kinds of industries, and we had some great conversation about marketing ROI (how can you measure it effectively?) and marketing leadership.

One of the side conversations was about how much the marketing field changes every day.  In fact, the addition of marketing automation software has just made the number of changes grow exponentially.  Finally, one person said it:

“If someone comes in today and says they know everything  about marketing, they are a liar.  It just isn’t possible anymore.”


Perhaps there was a time when there was so little data (or when the only way to get data was through your own research), when things moved more slowly and you could single-handedly follow something from research to concept to execution.  All I know is: technology is gathering more data than ever before and making it possible to move more quickly, which is good because the market is consuming it (via mobile devices) faster than ever before.

So if someone is still saying, “I know everything there is to know about marketing,” they probably are out of date … wa-a-a-ay out of date.

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