If everything in sight is taken, look someplace new

IMG_1975I want to talk about this seashell. It is small, but otherwise perfect.  I found it on a beach in South Carolina — Myrtle Beach, to be precise.

For those of you who don’t know Myrtle Beach, it is a very busy beach.  From sunrise to well-after midnight, there are people on that beach.  It is lined with hotels, many of which illuminate the beach in front of them (some all night), so beach-combers can be out there until crazy late hours.

I found this little shell in the middle of the day, hours after high tide, and after hundreds of combers had walked along that beach.  How did I manage to find such a perfect little thing when so many others had missed it?  It’s all in the approach.

Most beach-combers walk along either the high-tide line or the current water line, and they look for the big clusters of shells that are deposited by the surf.  I don’t typically bother with this approach because, well, everyone else has already been there.  All the good stuff is already gone.

Instead, I walk along looking for big, gross clusters of seaweed or detritus that has washed to shore.  Then, I kick it over with my toe.  You would be amazed at what is often hiding under that clump of seaweed — like my little seashell.

Moral of the story is this: when you are late to the game, it pays to look at what everyone else is doing AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Those who aren’t afraid to be different are often rewarded with the greatest finds.

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