“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.”

(Tom Steyer, Financier & Philanthropist)

Ambiguity and miscommunication disrupt work, sabotage decision-making, erode your brand, and scare off customers. Without clarity about who you are and what you do, it’s hard to sell someone on your goals or services.

I can give you, your team, and your business the clarity to be successful:

  • Executive coaching:
    Gain insight to discover or renew your business focus and develop better strategies.
  • Team Coaching and Facilitation:
    Replace disruptive team practices with habits that boost productivity.
  • Professional Communications Training & Services:
    Align communications with your brand and the goal you want to achieve.

Contact me to find your clarity.

“Clarity affords focus.”

(Thomas Leonard, Founder of International Coach Federation)

Marcia Jacquette is an executive coach with more than 30 years in technology and leadership, including experience as an engineer, technical communicator, marketer, executive and entrepreneur.  She has spent more than 15 of those years coaching clients, employees, students and volunteers in a variety of industries and settings.

With a strong understanding of the tech business environment, Marcia works with clients in science and technology, helping them harness their unique strengths and apply them more effectively to achieve personal and professional goals.

For more about Marcia and her philosophies on work, check out her articles on LinkedIn.